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  • Vetting Chairs: Robert Chartrand, Edo Forsythe, Douglas Jarrell & Brian Teaman
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Vetting Team

Each vetted presentation was double-blind reviewed by experienced reviewers who took great care and effort to read each abstract individually and offer constructive criticism where needed. The vetting chairs then contacted the authors to offer them an opportunity to make changes based on the two reviewers’ comments and made a final decision on their proposal acceptance to the conference. This year, 120 proposals were accepted for presenting at the JALTCALL2021 conference. We would like to thank all of the reviewers on the vetting team who worked very hard to make this conference a success.

Vetting Team list:

Brian Gallagher, Brian Teaman, Christine Leahy, Dara Tafazoli, Douglas Jarrell, Edo Forsythe, Erin Noxon, Eucharia Donnery, George MacLean, James York, Louise Ohashi, Robert Chartrand, Robert Swier, Ryan Barnes, Satchie Haga, Stephen Lambacher, Thomas Robb, Todd Cooper, Vivien Lin

JALTCALL 201 is the result of the efforts, energies, and input of many people from around Japan and overseas. To the presenters, our commercial sponsors, attendees, and all who have helped, the conference team wants to give you a big THANK YOU!

The Japan Association for Language Teaching

JALT is a large, professional organization with many overseas members. The bi-monthly The Language Teacher and twice-yearly JALT Journal are two of the many benefits of joining. Further details and contact information are available at